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In-Home Newborn Session Guide

Congratulations! You've navigated to this page because you either just welcomed your new arrival or are expecting to soon. This is an extraordinary time for you. It's my goal to capture this tender time in a way which will provide you with beautiful heirloom photographs in a way that will be stress free for you and your family. I've been a newborn photographer here on Long Island for 10+ years. Rest assured you're in good hands.

Newborn Baby Photography Session Long Island, Nassau County


I will arrive at your home with everything needed for your In-Home Newborn Photography Session. I provide, blankets, baskets, swaddling wraps, small backdrop, props etc. All you need to provide is the baby! My set-up is complete but compact and minimally invasive. I may reach out to you before your appointment to discuss colors.


Just prior to my arrival, please feed your baby and change him or her into a fresh diaper. The goal to get the baby milk drunk and as sleepy as possible. I understand newborns can have unpredictable schedules (or no schedule at all) so if this is not possible... don't stress.

Newborn Baby Boy Photography Session Long Island, Nassau County


Areas with natural, filtered light works best.  Fortunately I don't require a lot of space for my set up. Sometimes, a bit of rearranging is needed; moving a coffee table, sliding a chair. It's helpful to have a couple of areas in mind that you think would work best and declutter that space. Feel free to send me photos of your home in advance. Overhead lights and lamps interfere with color tones therefore, will often be turned off. When natural lighting isn't favorable, I'll use a small flash unit. If you've chosen a package that includes family photos a bit more uncluttered space is required.


While providing beautiful photographs is my goal, nothing is more important than the safety and comfort of your baby. For this reason, there are certain poses which I don't offer as I don't believe they provide the level of safety that I'm comfortable with. Also, I often ask a parent to lend a hand in supporting baby while I'm making set adjustments.


Your little one will be most comfortable with warm room temperatures. I ask you to boost the heat during the session. Baby will undergo several dressings and undressings. Some poses expose more skin.

Newborn Baby Boy Photography Session Long Island, Nassau County


This one is easy...

Nothing. While parents love Etsy shopping and t-shirts boasting 'Daddy's Little Girl', I discourage clothing outside of what I bring. More often than not, outfits (while they're very cute) don't fit properly. They bunch up, wording gets lost in folds, shoulder straps slide off. Sentimental or handmade items like blankets, small signage are welcome. Please have them handy. If you have questions about items you would like to include, feel free to reach out to me to discuss.


Newborn Baby Photography Session, Lifestyle, Long Island, Nassau County

I want you to wear something that reflects your individual style, makes you feel pretty and comfortable. BUT, the artist in me knows that some wardrobe selections work better than others. Bold patterns and colors often clash with home interiors. I recommend white, cream, beige, gray, blue jeans. Refrain from black as it is too serious for newborn session. Coordinate colors with other family members being photographed. If you love color, consider adding color into accessories for some photos. An exception is if vibrant colors and patterns are a cultural tradition then by all means dress as desired.


If you've chosen a package that includes family photos and would like to incorporate lifestyle photos, please let me know in advance. Lifestyle photos are a beautiful, authentic way to document your family as you welcome the new baby into your world. Since lifestyle photos capture your home life, please consider in advance the areas in the home you'd like to photograph in. While the objective is to remain true to life, details like water bottles, hampers, deodorant on the nightstand aren't ascetically pleasing in anyone's photographs. So, please take a few minutes before your appointment to address details.


Newborn Baby Photography Session, lifestyle session,  Long Island, Nassau County

I know as you expand your family, you want the idyllic happy family photos. Becoming a big brother or sister is a massive adjustment. So is having a stranger come into your home with a camera and props. In most cases, brothers and sisters warm up but there are things we can do to ease the process.

  • It's a great idea to have younger siblings entertained by another family member, in a separate room while Im photographing the baby.

  • When it's time for family photos, use bribes for cooperating.

  • Don't push. The more we insist on 'smiling and looking at the camera' often the result is further kickback.

  • Set realistic expectations, especially with young children.

  • Consider lifestyle family photos that are less posed and are more natural.


Newborn Baby Photography Session Long Island, Nassau County


Every parents feels the need for their newborn to sleep through their session. You've been scrolling instagram and have been seeing newborns sleeping like angels. The photographer shows up and inside you're thinking it's showtime. You're thinking you'll have the one baby that cries through the whole session. You'll be the parent who can't calm her fussing baby, who can't control her uncooperative toddler, who doesn't have a magazine perfect home. News flash.... All newborns cry during their session, all toddlers act up, all parents are sleep deprived, all homes are busting with newborn 'stuff' in every corner. This is why you hired a professional photographer. I got this and you'll get photographs you'll cherish.


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